Grinbo 1.0

Help Grinbo overcome perils and find his way back to Guffyland (See all)
Navigate through 25 danger-filled levels and interact with various tools, toys, and other items to find your way back home in a 2D arcade-adventure game. Put your brain to the test and solve the many puzzles and logical problems that stand in your way.

Grinbo is a combination of puzzle solving and adventure. You'll find a wide variety of tools, toys, items and other objects to interact with. The game is easy to learn but challenging to the mind. Here's the premise: On a little planet exists a small kingdom called Guffyland. Inhabitants of Guffyland are peaceful little creatures who live carelessly playing all day. On this planet exists a dark portal. The king has forbidden each inhabitant to have access to it. His son Grinbo was a mischievous child and very curious about this portal. Once when the guardians were sleeping, Grinbo opened the portal and jumped in. The portal has taken him to a strange world. When he realized what is happened, he wanted to return home. But the only way back is through dangerous worlds that are full of enemies and puzzles what he must solve. Can he ever get home again? That depends on you!

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